What The World Needs Now….

Today I was reminded of the importance of telling someone you Love them when you do. Sometimes our fear of saying “it” stifles our desire to share our feelings. It’s okay. People say to only use the word sparingly. Why would you? I am not saying to tell someone you Love them if you don’t, but if you do, by all means, let them know! We know that tomorrow is not guaranteed. We know that we can never predict when our last time to speak with someone again will be. Whether it is family or friend or romantic relationship, tell them how you really feel about them. The world is full of separation and hatred, anything we can do to begin connecting all of our hearts together, we should do. Don’t say it expecting anything in return. Say it because you mean it and neither of you will regret it. Love matters. Love really can create change. Always Love.

Refuse To Blow-out Your Own Candle

There is a fire that burns in each of us. We are created with it. It burns inherently, waxing and waning with the ebb and flow of life. Our flames flicker on the edge of extinction, blown by the winds of change, and in a breath, an inferno ignites. Life, with its ebb and flow, brings choices, challenges. It is easy for us to shine when everything is going our way. The difficulty is in allowing our light to shine in the darkness. But when we do, we find that we not only keep our own paths lit, we light the way for others. Situations will coax you to give up. Life offers more than enough reasons for your flame to go out. Don’t let it. The world has enough darkness, what we need is Light. Keep your fire. Let it burn with hope and possibility and Love. And by all means, refuse to blow out your own candle. ❤

Would You Want To Know

I thought about Jess today. I think of her often, but today I was thinking about the last time I saw her. No words can describe the gratitude I have for that night, miraculous indeed. Thank you, God. Anyway, it’s close to “that date” and it’s been on my mind. 14 years. Wow. My grandson would be turning 14 this year. Wow, wow. I think of that last night and how wonderful it was, and how we had no idea that it was our last time together, here; never knowing, that two days later the world would shift dramatically. Deep in thought, the question came to me, “What if we had known?”

What if we had actually known we were with Jess for the very last time on Earth? If I had known I was saying goodbye to her, would it have made a difference? Would I have been able to sit and laugh and enjoy being in that moment? Or would my mind have been racing back and forth – had I done enough? – will I really get to see them all again? Could I have looked at her beautiful face and smiled and said, “Ok, Honey, this is it. I will see you on the other side!” Or would I have been holding back nausea and fighting back tears, fearful to let either escape, making it difficult to carry on our last conversation.

My brain is evolved enough to know this life is temporal, that life and death walk hand in hand, that great joy and great sadness are intimate companions. Reality tells a different story. Hearts can be stingy and childish. Broken hearts will feet stomp and beg for attention. They will reject truths when they are too much to bear. When a parent loses a child, reality trumps evolution. I am not sure prior knowledge would have changed that for me.

On the other hand, if we had some time, we might be able to prepare. We could plan the minutes and maximize the benefits. We could collect our thoughts and deliver unspoken messages. We could Love deeper and take more pictures. We could spend our last moments being together – laughing – and soaking in the pure joy of one another. We could go somewhere we had always wanted to go. We could make those calls we had been thinking about. We could let go of past wrongs and worries of the future. We could find everything right in the allotted piece of time. Time would not matter. Instead of watching the face of the clock, we could look each other in the face. We could take inventory of every beautiful memory and let gratitude carve them into the trunk of our souls. Our hearts and minds could wander free knowing that each of these moments are gifts and reminders of the life we were created for.

With the uncertainty of our numbers of days and the knowledge of them being uncertain, it seems best to face their fragility head on. Not being driven by fear but by the total awareness that each moment carries the potential to be our last here on Earth.

Go ahead, Love too much, laugh too hard, try what you’ve always wanted to try. Forget about amassing things and images. Stop worrying about what your life looks like to others. Look in the mirror and see how it feels to you. And the next time you are inclined to recite all the wrongs of the past and worries of the future, ask yourself, “Is this how I want to spend my last moments?”  We have an advantage; we all know we are all going to die. Let that motivate you to choose how you are going to live.

Would I have wanted to know? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. The magnitude of the shock created such an extreme crack in my reality, I was unable to fix it. It brought me to the end of myself. I was gifted a heart too broken to repair. And through those openings the true light of life was able to shine. God created us in Love and for Love; this was the path that had now been lit for me. Compassion and understanding and a knowing that I had a choice of how life would go were my new realities.

The choice is yours: Live each moment knowing it may be your last … or get to your last moment knowing you didn’t live. ❤


We Are The Problem and The Solution

What is it that drives us to hating one another? How have we gotten so far off the mark? No matter our religious or spiritual backgrounds and beliefs, we cannot find a holy book that implores us to “go forth and hate”. Sure, we can interpret anything we want to fit our own personal agendas. But each of us intrinsically knows that destroying one another was never part of the plan.


We shout out in agreement, “Love One Another!!” And we champion for the underdog. Then we turn right around and spew venom about our opponents. How is it we see social injustices when they fit our personal views, but in our rage against them we are blind to our own participation in creating the toxic energy that produces them in the first place? Hate is hate. Hate is poison, to our fellow human beings, to our planet, to our own bodies.


This is not to say we should not be incensed over the injustices that exist, but hate will do absolutely nothing to cure them. We cannot expect true change to come about because we post and share nastiness about the people we can’t stand. If we want lasting change, we must change the hearts of man; we have to change our own hearts. We must “be the change we wish to see”. Ask yourself the next time you are going to share some “truth” about your adversaries, “What am I doing to help create change?”


Change may seem improbable, but it is possible. We have seen each other come to the rescue of total strangers when disasters strike. We send our hard earned money to those who need it. We travel near and far to share what we have with those that don’t. We take in stray animals. And while we are doing those random acts of kindness, hate is never part of the equation. Those are the times when we are acting through the divinity that we were created from and for.


Yes, we need to do our part to correct the things that are wrong. We need to stand up for what is right. But circulating hate will not do it. Do what you can with what you have. If you feel strongly about an issue go fight for it, not against it. We may not be able to change the whole world today, but we can change our little piece of it. When we make Love the dominant force in our own lives, we cannot help but change a little piece of all that we are connected to. ❤



The human spirit is unstoppable. When the human body lies down, falls down, is pushed down – when it stops – the human spirit is in motion. Our spirits champion others when they have fallen. They cross borders and barriers lending hands to humans everywhere when the human spirit has called for help. The human spirit resides in the heart. It is undeniable, even when denied. We can build all the walls we want; the human spirit will escape. Something will touch the heart of everyone, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. It is how we were created. It is the part of us that can get back up. It’s the part that can overcome insurmountable odds and impossible situations. It is the part of us that chooses to give what they have to someone who needs it. This is the part of us that God knew would allow us to Love One Another. The human spirit is what connects us. Yes, unstoppable Hope. ❤

Being Genuine

Authenticity is pure, beautifully simple; attractive. Allowing ourselves to be genuine is powerful. It is a brave move to step into the truth of who we were created to be. It is scary to trust that we are good enough, wearing masks to keep insecurities at bay. God gifted us with one hundred percent possibility. But life shows up. We begin collecting the viewpoints of others and wisdom of experience. We sort through our beliefs choosing which ones to keep, which ones to toss, and which we will save to recycle. But when we begin moving away from fear, we allow others to do the same. When we are genuine we create a light that others see. It shines on truth and boldness and safety and Love. At the core, we all have the desire for those things. Being genuine gives us the gift of honesty and others the gift of truth. Being authentic widens our hearts creating space for giving Love and for being Loved. And when we are Loved in the midst of being ourselves, that is powerful. My hope is that we all encourage each other to make the courageous journey to simply being ourselves.

Forgive Has Nothing To Do With Forget

Forgiving is a powerful, yet sometimes painful, exercise. The pain comes from thinking that “forgive” and “condone” are synonymous. They are not. When you condone the actions of others, it is to benefit them. When you forgive, the benefit is all yours. I love this description from The Grief Recovery Method’s handbook, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope of a different or better yesterday.” When we allow ourselves to continually relive a past situation, calling into the present moment all the pain we experienced then, not only are we binding ourselves to the misery of yesterdays, we are limiting our todays. We cannot be available “now” when we our minds and hearts are busy with “then”. Forgiveness shines a light on suffering’s shadow and frees us to live fully. It’s ridiculous to think we can forget a horrible, hurtful action of another. Our memories are our memories. Forgiving is letting ourselves say that we will no longer let the memories dictate our futures. Forgiving is giving yourself permission to experience all the Joy and Love and Possibilities that are here now. Always Love.